Lent 2019 Sermon Series

“Faith Made Flesh: Why We Practice a Common Faith”

A Pecan Street Mission
Sermon Series

Lent 2019

What if “faith” is less about believing the right things and more about practicing the right things? Too often, we focus on the beliefs of the Christian faith without considering how those beliefs get fleshed out in real life. This Lent, we’ll examine some of the practices – often called spiritual disciples or holy habits – that help Christians put hands and feet to our faith. Why do Christians live in peculiar and particular ways? Why do people who follow Jesus live the way they do?

What are the holy habits that turn ordinary people into saints? What simple, everyday practices inspire God-sized hope in our world? Join us this Lent as we “practice” our faith together – “practice” fleshing out our faith in the world. How do we live out the love of Jesus in simple things like the way we eat, or who we live with, or in the promises we make? As we dive into these holy habits that have marked Christians for centuries, may we begin to live out our faith in ways that truly lead to new resurrection life.

Sunday, March 10
Why We Eat Together

Sunday, March 17
Why We Fast

Sunday, March 24
Why We Make Promises

Sunday, March 31
Why It Matters Where We Live

Sunday, April 7
Why We Live Together

Sunday, April 14
Why We Would Rather Die than Kill

Sunday, April 21 – Community Easter Sunrise
Why We Share Good News