Spring 2019 Sermon Series: Coming Out

“Coming Out”

A Pecan Street Mission
Sermon Series

Spring 2019

When asked to describe present-day Christianity, the most common responses include: anti-gay, judgmental, hypocritical, out of touch, old fashioned, and insensitive. For many people, modern day Christianity no longer seems … well … Christian. For the love of God, it’s time for people who follow Jesus to “come out” with a better witness to the love of God.

This Spring, join the Pecan Street Mission community as we “come out” to stand boldly with the God of Love. We’ll have brave & honest conversations about many of those things the Church has often refused to talk about — the life & death places where our faith in Jesus collides with the real world.

Is there a place for queer people in Church? Should women be in ministry? Is God more than “Father”? How does God feel about suicide? Aren’t most people going to hell anyway? Join us as we “come out” to stand courageously for the love of God.

“Stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong — Let all you do be done in love.”
–1 Cor. 16:13-14

Sunday, April 28
Coming Out for LGBTQ Inclusion

Sunday, May 5
Coming Out for Women in Ministry

Sunday, May 12
Coming Out for God as Mother

Sunday, May 19
Coming Out to Talk About Suicide

Sunday, May 26
Coming Out for Razing Hell