Braving the Wilderness

“Braving the Wilderness”
A Decatur Methodist Family Worship Series
Summer 2020

   Where do you go when faced with uncharted terrain? In the face of the great and mysterious unknown, how do you move ahead? In a time of global pandemic, our world and our lives have been turned upside down. School, work, social engagements, vacations, family, friends – nothing is exactly as it was. So what do we do in the face of the unknown?

   We are far from the first people of faith to ever brave the wilderness. In Exodus, a rag-tag group of runaway slaves are faced with the great unknown. Through traveling many miles over many years, these Israelites learned what it meant to follow God through uncharted waters. Our wilderness is not a new one, and through these ancient stories of faith God may have a word for us today.

   This Summer, we will journey alongside Moses and the Israelites in braving the wilderness, ancient and new. With God as our constant companion, we will wander through these stories together.  Worship via Livestream with the Decatur Methodist Family this Summer in our adventure of braving the wilderness.

Sunday, June 7 

“Don’t Drink the Water of Bitterness”

Exodus 15:22-27


Sunday, June 14

“Don’t Sugarcoat the Fleshpots”

Exodus 16:1-15. 31-36


Sunday, June 21

“Don’t Lose Faith”

Exodus 17:1-7


Sunday, June 28

“Don’t Avoid the Darkness”

Exodus 19:1-11, 16-20


Sunday, July 5

“Don’t Forget to Look Back”

Exodus 32:1-14


Sunday, July 12

“Don’t Stand Alone”

Exodus 33:12-23