Resurrection Stories

“Resurrection Stories”
A Decatur Methodist Family Worship Series
Spring 2020

    What do you do when your whole world turns upside down? When the turmoil of Holy Week turns into the great grief of Good Friday followed by the mysterious unknown of Easter morning? Knowing that God’s love has conquered death, but the world is not yet as it should be, how do we live on the other side of resurrection? 

    The first disciples asked those same questions. In the midst of the unknown, they locked themselves away in fear, they walked dejected with crushed spirits down the road to Emmaus, they tried to return to “business as usual” by jumping into a fishing boat – not knowing how to live on the other side of resurrection. Yet each time Jesus appeared, he offered them peace in the midst of fear, hope to confront despair, faith in the face of the unknown, and a love that conquers all.

    This Eastertide, we will look at these early resurrection stories and ask what word Jesus has to offer us in the midst of the fear, despair, unknown, and failures that surround us today. Worship via Livestream with the Decatur Methodist Family this Spring as we learn to live in the resurrection. 

Sunday, Apr. 19
“Resurrecting Peace from Fear”
John 20:19-29

Sunday, Apr. 26
“Resurrecting Hope from Despair”
Luke 24:13-35

Sunday, May 3
“Resurrecting Faith from the Unknown”
John 21:1-14

Sunday, May 10
“Resurrecting Love from Failure”
John 21:15-19