Anti-Racism Book Study

Anti-Racism Book Study and Discussion Group
Spring 2021


‘Whiteness’ is constantly at work and on-display in our world. Racism has long woven itself into the local and national fabric of our daily lives – yet even the most well-intentioned of those of us who think ourselves ‘white’ often have little awareness of this corrosive reality. In “Waking Up White,” Debby Irving offers her own sometimes cringe-worthy journey to help readers better understand the dynamics of race & racism from within a white body. This Spring, the Anti-Racism Book Group will utilize Irving’s story to unpack our own experiences of ‘whiteness’ and engage in conversation around what anti-racist actions, individually and collectively, we might pursue in response.

To participate, contact Rev. Ricky Harrison ([email protected]) or let us know on FACEBOOK. This group will meet on Monday evenings from 5:30-7:00, in-person at the Outdoor Patio of the MAC Building at FUMC Decatur. Participants are expected to engage in the assigned reading each week in order to most fully participate in conversation.


Debby Irving, “Waking Up White: and Finding Myself in the Story of Race” (Elephant Room Press, 2014) 


Reading and Meeting Schedule

Week 1- Feb. 1: Childhood in White Reading: Irving, Introduction & Chs. 1-5 (Pgs. xi – 26)

Week 2 – Feb. 8: Midlife Wake-Up Calls Reading: Irving, Chs. 6-11 (Pgs. 27-60)

Week 3 – Feb. 15: Why Didn’t I Wake Up Sooner? Reading: Irving, Chs. 12-16 (Pgs. 61-92)

Week 4- Feb. 22: Rethinking Key Concepts Reading: Irving, Chs. 17-20 (Pgs. 93-112)

Week 5 – March 1: Twenty-Five Years of Tossing and Turning Reading: Irving, Chs. 21-28 (Pgs. 113-156)

Week 6 – March 8: Leaving My Comfort Zone Reading: Irving, Chs. 29-33 (Pgs. 157-184)

Week 7- March 15: Inner Work Reading: Irving, Chs. 34-40 (Pgs. 185-216)

Week 8 – March 22: Outer Work Reading: Irving, Chs. 41-45 (Pgs. 217-242)

Week 9 – March 29: Reclaiming My Humanity Reading: Irving, Ch. 45 (Pgs. 243-254)