Did you know we were created for community? One of the first things God says in Genesis is, “It is not good that the human should be alone” (Gen. 2:18). We are social creatures who were created for community with God and with one another. At Pecan Street Mission, community is one of our core spiritual practices.

Twice a year, we gather groups of people from diverse walks of life into 8-week intentional Christian communities – Life Groups. These groups covenant to meet weekly for approximately an hour and a half to do three things:

  • Eat Together – Groups share simple community meals each time they gather. This might look like coffee & muffins at Trinity Street Coffee Bar or a potluck style meal around a family dinner table. Holy moments happen around the table, so every time groups gather we eat!
  • Explore Together – Groups explore discussions around where faith & life intersect. Grounded each week in a particular passage of scripture, groups hold communal discussions where no single person is “the expert with the answers.” We’re all on this journey together, so we gather to explore what faith looks like on the ground; in community, “we make the path by walking.”
  • Pray Together – Prayer takes many forms, but each week groups find a way to “practice” tuning their hearts to the heart of God. This might look like praying with our children at the dinner table, spending a few moments in silent holy listening, one person offering up a prayer on behalf of the group, or using crayons to draw in prayer together. Through prayer, we practice re-tuning our hearts more closely to God.

Fall Life Groups registration will open in August and begin mid-September; Spring Life Groups registration will open in January and begin mid-February. We are happy to help with childcare accommodations, just let us know in advance!

During the Summer, we break from regular Life Groups and instead gather for experiments in Dinner Church. The summer Dinner Church season runs for approximately 8-weeks through June and July.