Anti-Racism Book Study

Spring Mini-Session 2021 Anti-Racism Book Study   Overview Over 40-million people in the United States are immigrants, persons born in another country. Of those, around 11-million are estimated to be undocumented. Jose Antonio Vargas is one such person. Having spent 25 years living as an undocumented citizen, Vargas shares what it is like to experience life “without papers” in this nation of immigrants.  “This is not a book about the politics of immigration. This book––at its core––is not about immigration at all. This book is about homelessness, not in a traditional sense, but in the unsettled, unmoored psychological state that undocumented immigrants like myself find ourselves in. This book is about lying and being forced to lie to get by; about passing as an American and as a contributing citizen; about families, keeping them together, and having to make new ones when you can’t. This book is about constantly hiding from … Read More

Community Easter Sunrise Worship

Order of Worship Song: The Lion and The Lamb by Leeland Verse 1: He’s coming on the clouds Kings and kingdoms will bow down And every chain will break As broken hearts declare His praise For who can stop the Lord Almighty Chorus: Our God is the lion The Lion of Judah He’s roaring with power And fighting our battles And every knee will bow before Him Our God is the lamb The lamb that was slain For the sins of the world His blood breaks the chains And every knee will bow before the lion and the lamb Every knee will bow before Him Verse 2: So, open up the gates Make way before the King of Kings The God who comes to save Is here to set the captives free For who can stop the Lord Almighty Chorus Bridge: For who can stop the Lord Almighty Who can stop the Lord Almighty Who can stop the … Read More

Anti-Racism Book Study

Anti-Racism Book Study and Discussion Group Spring 2021 Overview ‘Whiteness’ is constantly at work and on-display in our world. Racism has long woven itself into the local and national fabric of our daily lives – yet even the most well-intentioned of those of us who think ourselves ‘white’ often have little awareness of this corrosive reality. In “Waking Up White,” Debby Irving offers her own sometimes cringe-worthy journey to help readers better understand the dynamics of race & racism from within a white body. This Spring, the Anti-Racism Book Group will utilize Irving’s story to unpack our own experiences of ‘whiteness’ and engage in conversation around what anti-racist actions, individually and collectively, we might pursue in response. To participate, contact Rev. Ricky Harrison ([email protected]) or let us know on FACEBOOK. This group will meet on Monday evenings from 5:30-7:00, in-person at the Outdoor Patio of the MAC Building at FUMC … Read More

Worship +2

worship +2

   Following Jesus doesn’t happen by accident – faith takes intentionality. Rather than simply attending church or going to church, Jesus calls us to be the Church. Across our Decatur Methodist Family, we are seeking to intentionally follow in the footsteps of Jesus by engaging in worship, connecting with community, and committing to service. This Fall, we are challenging every member of our community to Worship +2. Engage in Worship: Participate each week with one of our in-person or online worship communities. Connect with a Small Group: Find a Growth Group, Learning Group, or “Sunday” School Class to meet with each week for intentional spiritual formation and Christian education. Groups are the places where we can truly be “known” in an intentional, Christian community. Commit to Serve: Once a month, commit to putting your hands and feet to work for Jesus. Whether that looks like serving in worship, serving on … Read More

Cards for Teachers

   For the last two years, every single Preschool and Elementary School teacher in Decatur ISD has received a prayer card from our Decatur Methodist Family filled with a personal note of love and encouragement. As the new school year begins, help us lift up our educators with this small blessing. Help us pour love into the lives of our local educators!    Check out the signup links below and sign up to write a personalized note to as many teachers as you would like. You can use your own stationary, or pick up cards and envelopes from the church office. Sign Up to Write a Card at Any of the Links Below! Preschool and Kindergarten TeachersFirst Grade TeachersSecond Grade TeachersThird Grade TeachersFourth Grade TeachersFifth Grade TeachersSpecial Education and Elective Teachers   Follow this example image when addressing your cards. If you would prefer not to use your personal mailing … Read More

Back to School Blessing

   We want to send students and educators into the new school year with a blessing! The Decatur Methodist Family will give a backpack tag and a blessing to all students and teachers on Sunday, August 16 in both the 8:30 and 10:30am worship services. We hope that you will put these tags on your backpack or school bag to serve as a constant reminder throughout the school year that God is with you! We ask that you please do not bring your backpack to worship. Those worshipping and receiving blessing online can pick up a backpack tag in the church office the week of August 17. Let us know you’re going on Facebook here  

Blood Drive

Blood DriveSunday, August 9, 20208:30am-1:30pm    We will be hosting a Blood Drive Sunday, August 9, from 8:30am-1:30pm. During this season it is especially important to give due to the blood shortage. If you will already be attending church on that Sunday, please consider making an appointment before or after worship. Your gift can save lives.    Carter Blood Care is asking that everyone wanting to give makes an appointment and plans to bring a face covering.    COVID-19 Antibody Testing is now available for all blood donors. Find more information on Carter Blood Care’s website HERE. Make an Appointment to Donate HERE

Summer Feeding Program

Mobile Food Pantry

   Each summer, Decatur Cares helps provide meals to the families of students in and around Decatur ISD. Many of these children depend on the breakfast and lunch meals served by the cafeteria during the school year, meaning in the summer these families are missing a crucial food source. Due to additional safety precautions, this summer Decatur Cares will be providing weekly drive-thru grocery distribution for these families. Each Tuesday in June and July, teams of 12-15 volunteers will meet at our church to pack groceries from 10:00-11:00am, then load those groceries into vehicles as families drive thru for pickup from 11:00am-12:00pm.     You can find the sign up link below. If you would like to serve one or multiple weeks this summer, please sign-up for a volunteer slot. To limit our number of volunteers each week, we ask that you please sign-up ahead of time to let us know you … Read More

Braving the Wilderness

“Braving the Wilderness”A Decatur Methodist Family Worship SeriesSummer 2020    Where do you go when faced with uncharted terrain? In the face of the great and mysterious unknown, how do you move ahead? In a time of global pandemic, our world and our lives have been turned upside down. School, work, social engagements, vacations, family, friends – nothing is exactly as it was. So what do we do in the face of the unknown?    We are far from the first people of faith to ever brave the wilderness. In Exodus, a rag-tag group of runaway slaves are faced with the great unknown. Through traveling many miles over many years, these Israelites learned what it meant to follow God through uncharted waters. Our wilderness is not a new one, and through these ancient stories of faith God may have a word for us today.    This Summer, we will journey … Read More

Resurrection Stories

“Resurrection Stories”A Decatur Methodist Family Worship SeriesSpring 2020     What do you do when your whole world turns upside down? When the turmoil of Holy Week turns into the great grief of Good Friday followed by the mysterious unknown of Easter morning? Knowing that God’s love has conquered death, but the world is not yet as it should be, how do we live on the other side of resurrection?      The first disciples asked those same questions. In the midst of the unknown, they locked themselves away in fear, they walked dejected with crushed spirits down the road to Emmaus, they tried to return to “business as usual” by jumping into a fishing boat – not knowing how to live on the other side of resurrection. Yet each time Jesus appeared, he offered them peace in the midst of fear, hope to confront despair, faith in the face … Read More