Community Easter Sunrise Worship: April 21, 2019 @ 7:00 am

Community Easter Sunrise Worship Service

Community Easter Sunrise Worship April 21, 2019 • 7:00 am @ The Courthouse Square All are invited to the second annual Community Easter Sunrise Worship on the Downtown Decatur Courthouse Square! We will gather at 7:00 am to sing, pray, worship, & celebrate the good news of the resurrection! Our neighbors at Trinity Street Coffee Bar will be providing Free Coffee on the Square for everyone!

Spring 2019 Sermon Series: Coming Out

“Coming Out” A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series Spring 2019 When asked to describe present-day Christianity, the most common responses include: anti-gay, judgmental, hypocritical, out of touch, old fashioned, and insensitive. For many people, modern day Christianity no longer seems … well … Christian. For the love of God, it’s time for people who follow Jesus to “come out” with a better witness to the love of God. This Spring, join the Pecan Street Mission community as we “come out” to stand boldly with the God of Love. We’ll have brave & honest conversations about many of those things the Church has often refused to talk about — the life & death places where our faith in Jesus collides with the real world. Is there a place for queer people in Church? Should women be in ministry? Is God more than “Father”? How does God feel about suicide? Aren’t most … Read More

Lent 2019 Sermon Series

“Faith Made Flesh: Why We Practice a Common Faith” A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series Lent 2019 What if “faith” is less about believing the right things and more about practicing the right things? Too often, we focus on the beliefs of the Christian faith without considering how those beliefs get fleshed out in real life. This Lent, we’ll examine some of the practices – often called spiritual disciples or holy habits – that help Christians put hands and feet to our faith. Why do Christians live in peculiar and particular ways? Why do people who follow Jesus live the way they do? What are the holy habits that turn ordinary people into saints? What simple, everyday practices inspire God-sized hope in our world? Join us this Lent as we “practice” our faith together – “practice” fleshing out our faith in the world. How do we live out the love … Read More

Life Groups: Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Life Groups February 10 – April 7, 2019 Did you know we were created for community? One of the first things God says in Genesis is, “It is not good that the human should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). We are social creatures who were created for community with God and with one another. At Pecan Street Mission, community is one of our core spiritual practices. Twice a year, we gather groups of people from diverse walks of life into 8-week intentional Christian communities — Life Groups. These groups covenant to meet weekly to do three things: Eat Together – Groups share simple community meals each time they gather. This might look like coffee and muffins at Trinity Street Coffee Bar or a potluck style meal around a family dinner table. Holy moments happen around the table, so every time groups gather we eat! Explore Together — Groups explore … Read More

February 2019 Sermon Series

Tipping Points: February 2019 Sermon Series

“Tipping Points: Rethinking Conversion” A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series “So when were you saved?” or “When was the moment you accepted Jesus into your life?” Have you ever been asked a question like this? Some people have a clear moment when God’s love broke into their lives for the first time. For others, it’s hard to name an exact moment because God’s love has been more like a steady trickle than an overwhelming flood. Often, when we talk about “conversion” we think about dramatic Pentecost-like moments of God’s love breaking into a person’s life. But “conversion” is also the slow drip of God’s love that eventually overflows the waters of our baptism. This February join us in exploring how the love of God manifested itself in the lives of the first Christians. In Acts, the story of the early church, God moves in both ordinary and extraordinary ways – … Read More

January 2019 Sermon Series

“What if Sex was Holy?” A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series What the Church never says: sex sells. Splashed across magazines and billboards, TVs, and computer screens — spoken of only in the open vulgarity of locker rooms or the hushed darkness of bedrooms. It seems like sex is everywhere — except the Church. Our bodies are awkward and messy, broken and beautiful — yet oh so sacred. So why don’t we ever talk about this in Church? This January, join us as we dive into family-friendly discussions exploring what God says about our bodies, what happens when we misuse the gift of our bodies, and how we might see the intimate beauty of God’s love for us in new ways. Sunday, January 13, 2019 Getting Naked with God: Bodies & Sex in a Culture of Shame Genesis 3:1-11 Sunday, January 20, 2019 You Are the Man: Even the Best … Read More

New Year’s Mission Trip: Dec. 31 – Jan. 4, 2019

Mission Trip

New Year’s Mission Trip Dec. 31 – Jan. 4, 2019 Did you know just on the other side of the border from El Paso, families are living in extreme poverty? Single mothers and elderly grandparents are raising kids on dollars-per-day, living in self-constructed shelters made of wood pallets and chicken-wire. For the past 26 years on the outskirt desert regions of Ciudad Juarez, Proyecto Abrigo (Project Shelter) has been partnering with U.S. mission teams to build concrete-block homes for these families. With a new home, families no longer have to worry about their infant children freezing to death during the wintery desert nights. With a new home, parents no longer worry about their wood-pallet shelter going up in flames because their children were trying to keep warm near the wood-fire stove. A home not only changes lives, a home saves lives. This winter, Pastor Ricky Harrison will be leading a … Read More

Christmas Eve-Eve Service: December 23, 2018

Pecan Street Mission Christmas Eve-Eve service

Community Candlelight Worship December 23, 2018 • 7:00 p.m. @ The Courthouse Square Come celebrate the first annual Christmas Eve-Eve Community Candlelight Worship on the Decatur Courthouse Square! We’ll gather at 7:00 p.m. to sing, pray, worship, and celebrate the good news of God’s Light breaking into the darkness of our world! Our neighbors at Trinity Street Coffee Bar will be serving free coffee out on the courthouse lawn throughout the evening to keep everyone warm!

Grand Launch December 2018

Advent Conspiracy

Pecan Street Mission is a new faith community anchored in First United Methodist Church of Decatur. Beginning Sundays in December, we will celebrate the Grand Launch of this new modern worship community! Join us on Sundays in December as we embark on the Advent Conspiracy! Are you tired of how consumerism has stolen the soul of Christmas? Then this year, take a stand! Join the groundswell of Jesus-followers who are choosing to make Christmas what it should be – a joyous celebration of Jesus’ birth that enriches our hearts and the world around us, not a retail circus that depletes our pocketbooks and defeats our spirits. Come conspire with us to reclaim the soul of Christmas from consumerism, busyness, and piling debt. This year, make Christmas meaningful again!      Sunday, Dec. 2 “Worship Fully: Leaving Busyness Behind” Luke 2:8-20 Sunday, Dec. 9 “Spend Less: Unwrapping Consumerism” Matthew 6:19-24 … Read More

Fall 2018 Preview Worship

Fall Preview Services

Pecan Street Mission is a new faith community anchored in First United Methodist Church of Decatur launching in December 2018. Join us monthly in the Fall as Pecan Street Mission “previews” a new modern worship community! Our family-friendly modern worship service begins at 10:45 am in the Methodist Activity Center (MAC) Building on the campus of First United Methodist Church of Decatur (104 S. Miller St.). Come early to hang out around coffee & breakfast snacks, or bring them into worship with you! Although worship is a family-friendly environment, optional Nursery Care is always available for children 4 years old and younger (infants included). Since we believe children are vitally important to the Kingdom of God, there is a “Pray Ground” – designated child-friendly space at the front of worship – where kids are free to be just that, kids! Often, we learn more about God from our children in … Read More