February Sermon Series


February 2020A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series When asked about the most important of all the commandments, Jesus said, “It’s simple really – Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. All of Scripture hangs on this.” (Matthew 22:36-40). In February, the month of love, join the Pecan Street Mission community as we explore what it really means to be-loved. If God is Love, then loving God with everything we have and loving our neighbor are intrinsically wrapped up in our ability to be deeply loved ourselves. Over these three weeks we will consider what it means to love, to be love, and to be loved. Through it all, we might just find the most radically transformational practice of faith is to simply be-loved. Sunday, Feb. 9 Love: Love God Deuteronomy 6:4-12 Sunday, Feb. 16Be Love: Love Neighbor1 John 4:7-21 Sunday, Feb. 23Be Loved: Love SelfMark 1:9-11

January Sermon Series

January 2020 sermon series

January 2020A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series Negative and damaging messages about sex and our bodies come from all corners of society: magazines and billboards, T.V.’s and computer screens, our own well-intentioned families, and yes, even and especially the Church. All too often, people have suffered pain, guilt, and judgment as a result of a toxic fixation on sex, the body, and physical pleasure. Shame has driven conversations into either the open vulgarity of locker rooms or the hushed darkness of bedrooms. What might it look like to begin re-forming a constructive theology of sex & bodies? What if shame was taken out of the picture? What if we began to embrace sexuality as a gift to be celebrated rather than a burden to be ashamed of? This January, join the Pecan Street Mission community as we dive into bold conversations exploring what God says about our bodies, how sexuality … Read More

Downtown Community Candlelight Worship

Community Candlelight Worship

Sunday, December 22, 20197:00 p.m. @ the Decatur Courthouse Square Come celebrate the second annual Downtown Community Candlelight Worship on the Decatur Courthouse Square! We’ll gather with the downtown community at 7:00 p.m. to sing, pray, worship, light candles, and celebrate the good news of God’s Light breaking into the darkness of our world! Bundle up, bring your family & friends, and join us in this community-wide Christmas celebration! Our neighbors at Trinity Street Coffee Bar will be serving free coffee & hot cocoa throughout the evening to keep everyone warm!

December 2019 Advent Series: Not a Silent Night

December 2019 Advent sermon series

Advent 2019 Every year at Christmas we are surrounded by images of the serene young Mary in clean, beautiful robes, holding a perfectly calm baby. We imagine that first Christmas where “all is calm and all is bright.” But come on – any mother who has given birth knows just how “calm” that night must have really been. Mary’s experience, not unlike our own lives, was likely a night of joy mixed with pain, love mixed with adversity, hope mixed with uncertainty, and peace mixed with sorrow. This was true in Mary’s life and ours, blessings and pain intermingled as God shows up in our holy, beautiful mess. This Advent, we’ll prepare our hearts for Christmas by looking at the life of Jesus through Mary’s eyes. We’ll tell her story by starting not at the beginning, but at the end. Each week we’ll seek to experience the story of that … Read More

New Year’s Mission Trip: December 30, 2019 – January 3, 2020

2020 New Year's Mission Trip

Did you know just on the other side of the border from El Paso, families are living in extreme poverty? Single mothers and elderly grandparents are raising kids on dollars-per-day, living in self-constructed shelters made of wood pallets and chicken-wire. For the past 26 years on the outskirt desert regions of Ciudad Juarez, Proyecto Abrigo (Project Shelter) has been partnering with U.S. mission teams to build concrete-block homes for these families. With a new home, families no longer have to worry about their infant children freezing to death during the wintery desert nights. With a new home, parents no longer worry about their wood-pallet shelter going up in flames because their children were trying to keep warm near the wood-fire stove. A home not only changes lives, a home saves lives. This winter, Pastor Ricky Harrison will be leading a mission team to Proyecto Abrigo over the New Year’s holiday … Read More

November 2019 Sermon Series: The Holy Ordinary

November 2019 sermon series

November 2019 A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series How do you find God in your ordinary, everyday life? Through simple, common elements like light, water, and bread God shows up in our lives every single day. These basic necessities of human existence are also extraordinary, mysterious conduits that carry God’s love to us. This November, we’ll utilize Psalm 23 and these physical elements of light, water, & bread to explore how God makes even the most ordinary of moments extraordinarily sacred and holy. With light we will remember the saints who have come before us and who still surround us in the great cloud of witnesses. With water we will remember how God consistently brings new life by leading people through uncharted and tumultuous seas. With bread we will remember how God faithfully shows up around the table in order to nourish our bodies & spirits. Every single day of … Read More

October Series: “Jesus Talks Money”

October 2019 sermon series Jesus Talks Money

October 2019A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series You know what probably got Jesus kicked out of lots of dinner parties? All his talk about money. Out of the 38 parables Jesus tells, 16 are about money (that’s 42% of his stories, all about money). If you add up every verse in the Gospels, 1 out of 10 (288 in all) deal directly with — you guessed it — money. The Gospel of Luke, in particular, preserves some of Jesus’ most uncomfortable teachings and parables about money. Just try out these memory verses: “You cannot serve God and wealth” (Luke 16:13); “Sell all that you own and distribute the money to the poor…then come, follow me” (18:22); “Look, half of my possessions, Lord, I will give to the poor” (19:8); “To all those who have, more will be given; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be … Read More

Life Groups: Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Life Groups Week of September 29 – Week of November 17, 2019 Did you know we were created for community? One of the first things God says in Genesis is, “It is not good that the human should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). We are social creatures who were created for community with God and with one another. At Pecan Street Mission, community is one of our core spiritual practices. Twice a year, we gather groups of people from diverse walks of life into 8-week intentional Christian communities — Life Groups. These groups covenant to meet weekly to do three things: Eat Together – Groups share simple community meals each time they gather. This might look like coffee and muffins at Trinity Street Coffee Bar or a potluck style meal around a family dinner table. Holy moments happen around the table, so every time groups gather, we eat! Explore … Read More

September 2019 Sermon Series: “Becoming Human: From Isolation to Community”

Becoming Human

Fall 2019A Pecan Street Mission Sermon Series In our digital age of hyper-connection, many are finding themselves more isolated than ever before. Although we have 500 “friends” at our fingertips, a sense of true community grows ever more fleeting. In a world where everyone is searching for connection, what does it mean to build intentional and transformative communities in which we can truly know & be known by others? What might it look like to become human together? Jean Vanier spent his adult life living in and building intentional Christian communities of people with intellectual disabilities. These communities, known as L’Arche, became places where Vanier and others learned what it meant to become human – to become more fully the persons God created them to be. Through exploring the essential vulnerabilities that form our shared humanity, Vanier and the L’Arche family began to walk the journey from isolation to community. … Read More

Dinner Church Summer 2019

Dinner Church

Dinner Church Summer 2019 Wednesday Evenings, 6:00-7:30pm @ the Methodist Activity Center of FUMC Decatur One of the earliest traditions of the people who follow Jesus is to gather together around the table, sharing a meal and sharing our lives. At Dinner Church, informal worship takes place around the table with a delicious meal brought together by the entire community. Communion is made as we share food & share our lives in exploring scripture, singing, and praying together. Bring your faith. Bring your doubts. Bring your appetite for something bigger than yourself. This family-friendly worship environment is created to be hospitable to people of all ages and stages of life. Just like your family table at Thanksgiving, this is a place for the youngest & the oldest, for those with beliefs and those with doubts, for solo parents and single people, for business professionals and professional parents, for those who … Read More